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As one of two Personal Injury Team Managers within the firm, with 25 year’s experience, am I jointly responsible for reviewing all claims received involving road traffic accidents. As a keen motorcyclist I also have a special interest and sympathy for those involved in accidents while on their motorcycle.

I have been riding since 2004, covering approximately 5000 miles each year in all of the weather conditions that Scotland has to offer, be that for my daily commute in Glasgow’s rush hour traffic or social riding on Scotland’s twisting A roads.

Having witnessed both accidents and several near misses myself over the years, I am well placed to comment on the dangers faced by motorcyclists on a daily basis.

The most common type of accident involving a motorcyclist in the city centre is when a car pulls of out of a side road having failed to observe the approaching motorcyclist. General advice would be to maximise the chances of being seen by always ensuring you ride with your lights switched on and wear appropriate clothing. A white or bright coloured helmet can also help draw the attention of the motorist’s eye, but if the worst happens and you are unfortunately involved in an accident where you have been knocked off your bike and are injured, Jackson Boyd can offer support and assistance.

Other than the obvious damage to the bike itself, in most cases the injured motorcyclist will have had either an impact with the third party vehicle and/or the road surface resulting in damage to their helmet and clothing, both of which are often un-repairable and can be expensive to replace. In the absence of the original purchase receipts, confirmation of the exact items, the purchase date and price together, with photographs of the damaged items and estimates for replacing the items will help in presenting the claim to the responsible driver’s insurers.

In addition to the more obvious physical injuries, being involved in a road traffic accident as a motorcyclist can highlight to the rider just how vulnerable motorcyclists are when on the roads and quite often after being involved in a road traffic accident the rider will also suffer from psychological symptoms such as flashbacks, heightened sense of awareness and vigilance and general travel anxiety. Jackson Boyd can ensure that we direct the client to appropriate expert and seek assistance with providing treatment. Psychological symptoms can often impact or prevent the motorcyclist returning to their past-time of riding a bike and will be taken into account by our specialist personal injury team when valuing the claim.

One recent case involved our 37 year old client who was knocked off his bike when a motorist emerged from a side road and our client landed on the bonnet of the car. Our client suffered multiple serious injuries and one of the more troubling injuries as confirmed following an MRI scan was a carpal fracture of the left wrist with possible malunion and opening of the joint space. The injury resulted in a pro-longed period of absence from work as a fully qualified physiotherapist. Our clients situation was further complicated in that on the week the accident occurred they were about to become self-employed having made enquiries over a period of several months to source private work. Forensic accountants were instructed to fully assess the impact on the clients lost earnings based on their pre-accident earnings and projected income from becoming self-employed. Psychological symptoms prevented our client from returning to their cherished mode of transport. The claim has included damaged to the helmet and clothing, accessories on the bike and treatment costs.

Another case recently settled involved our 22 year old client who was riding his motorcycle to work, when a van pulled out from a junction and hit him side-on. Our client was knocked to the road with the worst of his injuries being a degloving injury as a result of his left boot being forcibly ripped off his foot. Orthopaedic evidence confirmed that our client suffered a severe crushing injury to his left forefoot, specifically a compound comminuted fracture to the bones of his left foot. Five operations were required to debride the forefoot and cover the defect with a skin and muscle flap. A further three revision surgeries have helped to improve the shape and stability of the flap. A plastic surgeon has been consulted in connection with the permanent scars on the dorsum of his left foot and thigh from the skin graft. Rehabilitation support including physiotherapy and psychological therapy was provided in conjunction with the third party drivers insurers. There was a considerable period of absence from work resulting in loss of earnings. Settlement was in reached in excess of £148,000 and included solatium (personal injury), loss of earnings, disadvantage on labour market, services rendered (assistance received from family members while injured), costs towards future purchase of specialist insoles, total loss of motorcycle and damaged helmet and clothing.

We have the expertise at Jackson Boyd to deal with claims for bikers and if they have been unfortunate enough to have been involved in a motorcycle accident that has resulted personal injury, loss of earnings or even that involved damage to their bike and property they should please contact us online by clicking here or speak to a member of our specialist team on 0333 222 1855.

Think bike, think biker, think Jackson Boyd.

Grant Telford

Grant Telford

Personal Injury Team

“As a keen motorcyclist, I specialise in claims involving injured motorcyclists.”

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