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Contract disputes can take many shapes and forms, and Jackson Boyd recognises that they can present many issues and challenges. Jackson Boyd has a particular specialism in resolving contract dispute cases including employment contracts, landlord and tenant disputes, and contractual disputes over the renovation of bathrooms and kitchens. These are all examples of disputes that happen on an ever increasing basis, and Jackson Boyd is here to help you resolve any kind of contract dispute that you may have. Jackson Boyd realises that sometimes a satisfactory solution to a contract dispute cannot be found. It is common for outside intervention, such as expert legal help to be necessary, in order to resolve matters in full. This is where Jackson Boyd can help you.

Contract disputes do range in their nature, extent and type, and therefore the way in which you approach contract disputes can also vary. It may be that you have tried everything to resolve an issue with the person or company with whom you have a contract dispute, but that an agreement cannot be reached, or the other party involved is being difficult or unhelpful.

In situations such as these, it is often useful and even necessary to ask for the intervention of professional and experience dispute resolution lawyers, which is where Jackson Boyd comes in.

We take great pride in our personal yet professional approach to each and every legal case we deal with. We understand that for you, your business or personal reputation may be at stake, and so too may be your vested interests in a project, business transaction or career related issue.

How can Jackson Boyd help you with a contract dispute?

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Mr Gordon Blyth

Our specialist dispute resolution team are always here to assist you. If your contract dispute comes to a point where you need legal help, we are ready to provide this. Jackson Boyd has an excellent reputation for helping clients resolve contract disputes. We recognise that every case is different, that you will want a specific resolution to the dispute, and that it is likely to have been a stressful and difficult experience for you so far.

With Jackson Boyd, because your case will be in such safe hands, you can relax, knowing that our experienced contract dispute resolution solicitors will take care of everything.

Because of our extensive experience in dealing with contract disputes, we can assess your case objectively and based on the facts, meaning that we can come to an informed and clear decision as to the best way to proceed in your given circumstances.

Whilst our aim is to resolve your contractual dispute at the earliest possible opportunity there will be occasions when a court action is necessary in order to expedite matters or in situations where the third party is not willing to enter into settlement negotiation.  Our team of experienced litigators will not shy away from taking your case to court in order to resolve matters in your favour.

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Our dispute resolution specialists will ask you detailed and relevant questions about the situation you are in, and will then be able to give clear and concise legal advice about what happens next.

Jackson Boyd’s client care is first class, and we will give you our time, attention and expertise in a way that works best for you. Please contact us online or call 0333 222 1855 today. We look forward to speaking with you about your situation, and to helping you resolve your contract dispute.

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