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Asbestos Related Disease and Mesothelioma

If you have been exposed to asbestos you are at risk of developing one of many conditions.  While some asbestos related conditions cause very little disability, others such as mesothelioma are fatal.  Even where a person has been diagnosed with pleural plaques they are often living with the possibility that something far more serious could develop.  Jackson Boyd recognises the pain and anguish caused by such situations, and we want to help you.  If you have developed an asbestos related disease or lost a loved one due to a condition such as asbestosis, asbestos related lung cancer or mesothelioma it is very likely that you can make a claim for financial compensation.

There may be a time limit as to how long you have to bring your claim depending on the circumstances, so it is important to act quickly. To minimise the stress you experience at this difficult time and to give you extra peace of mind, we offer a free initial consultation and operate on a no-win, no-fee basis. To talk to a person who can help, now, call us on 0333 222 1855 or contact us by e-mail.

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Jackson Boyd has considerable experience of dealing with asbestos related disease and mesothelioma claims similar to yours, and we are in a strong position to help you with our superb legal knowledge in this area of law. The amounts of compensation awarded for such claims can vary widely, but are very often significant sums of money. To establish what, if any, compensation you may be entitled to, Jackson Boyd will need to do a detailed assessment of your case. This will involve finding out the specifics of your situation, exactly what has happened to you or your loved one, and what the circumstances were that led to the asbestos exposure.

Asbestos Related Disease & Mesothelioma Lawyers in Glasgow & Edinburgh

In order to discuss making an asbestosis and mesothelioma claim, please contact Jackson Boyd today by calling 0333 222 1855 or contact us online. We look forward to discussing your case with you.

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