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The decision to place a loved one in a care home is a difficult one, and it is important for people to know that when they are in there, they are receiving the best care possible. Putting trust in the medical staff is an important step to choosing an appropriate care home, and to have that trust betrayed can be upsetting. Care homes receive a lot of negative press highlighting the standards of care which they provide. While the majority of care homes provide excellent care, there are some cases which see negligent care being provided to loved ones.

Jackson Boyd Lawyers is a firm of dedicated lawyers who specialise in dealing with medical negligence claims, including care home misdiagnosis. We provide a service that is both friendly and professional. We will work hard to make sure that you receive the compensation you deserve if a loved one has been mistreated. We aim to make sure that you feel comfortable dealing with us throughout your case. Our team will be on hand to deal with your case to its conclusion. We offer a no-win, no-fee service, so contact us today on 01412496903.

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While most care homes provide excellent care, this is not always the case. Some homes throughout the country have been found to be lacking in proper staff supervision, training and experience. While it is not always the fault of the staff who are working at the care home, this is negligent as it does not offer an appropriate level of day to day care for people who are elderly, physically vulnerable, or suffering from mental health issues.

To have a family member or loved one suffer as a result of negligence can cause distress and anxiety, and answers will be demanded. If you believe that a loved one is not receiving the care that you expect, or is being wilfully neglected, then we may be able to able you bring a claim against the care home, and claim compensation for the family member who has been cared for negligently. We offer help to those who need help:

  • Finding out whether a loved one has not received the standard of care expected, or has been subject to abuse
  • Claiming legal compensation for the harm which has been suffered
  • Getting access to make sure your complaint is heard

Our firm has years of experience dealing with care home negligence claims, so you know that you are dealing with a team you can trust.

Types of care home

There are two main types of care home, residential and nursing. We provide support for cases of neglect in both types of home.

Residential care homes

Residential care homes can vary in size, from small homes with only a few beds to large facilities. Care and support is offered throughout the day and night, while staff offer assistance with washing, dressing, eating, and using the bathroom.

Nursing homes

A nursing home offers the same care as that provided in a residential home, however there is a qualified nurse available 24 hours a day to provide medical care in the home.

Signs of neglect

There are a number of things you can look out for in a loved one that are tell-tale signs that something is wrong. These include:

  • Not behaving normally – A loved one not acting like their usual self, including changes in behaviour or behaving out of character
  • Health issues – Health related problems like bed sores or suddenly losing weight
  • Hygiene issues – If there is a strong smell, likely of urine, this is an indication that the proper care is not being provided
  • Dehydration – This could mean that carers have failed to ensure that there are enough liquids being taken. Dehydration can lead to infection, so it important to make sure there is water or juice available and in reach, as well as a cup
  • Medication – If a loved one has changed condition, it may be due to an overdose or lack of medication. It is important to make sure that the care home’s GP is paying regular visits to your loved one to make sure that their medication charts are up to date
  • Calling for help – Does your loved one have access to their call bell? How long does it take for staff to respond to calls?
  • Access – Do the doors have security codes to ensure staff accompany residents when accessing different floors? Are the exit points secure to stop residents wandering out? Are the fire exits in an appropriate condition?
  • Accidents – Accidents do happen in care homes, but are often the fault of staff carelessness, which can be a form of negligence. Accidents can also be attributed to a lack of staff, as well as faulty or ill-maintained equipment
  • Injuries – The appearance of cuts or bruises which do not look like the result of a fall or accident

Physical abuse which leads to injuries is an issue which is taken very seriously, and therefore requires appropriate evidence, including:

  • Bullying and assault
  • Errors in staff behaviour
  • Withholding food, medical care and medical attention
  • Lack of care for patients
  • Abusive or offensive language
  • Shouting or threatening behaviour
  • Any other instance of physical abuse or mistreatment

Compensation claims

You may be entitled to make a claim against a care home for negligence if you, or a loved one, has suffered an injury as a result of:

  • Failure to provide regular washing and cleaning
  • Failure to provide food or water
  • Failure to provide the necessary lifting aids, appropriate medication or medical care when required
  • Failure to provide clean bedding or change of clothes
  • Failure to prevent pressure sores or ulcers from forming, or failure to treat existing sores or ulcers
  • Failure to prevent a fall, resulting in injury including fractures or injuries to the head or back
  • Failure to handle patients carefully
  • Failure to provide appropriate supervision or mobility aids
  • Administration errors

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