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Offshore Accidents – How We Help

At Jackson Boyd we have extensive experience helping people who have suffered injuries or been involved in accidents while working offshore, for example working on oil rigs and drilling platforms, transferring to and from offshore installations and at sea on merchant vessels and fishing vessels. We pursue claims for offshore accidents within Scottish waters. However, given the international nature of employees working offshore in the oil industry, merchant navy or in fishing we can represent clients from across Europe and beyond.

Working offshore can be hazardous and can lead to a wide range of accidents and injuries, including falls from heights, wounds caused by faulty equipment, and chemical poisoning. We have helped many people involved in such accidents get the full compensation they are entitled to – helping them to get their lives back on track at the same time.

Whilst offshore claims are essentially accidents at work, they often involve significant complexity for a number of reasons. We have the expertise and experience to negotiate the extremely complicated business structures that sit behind most offshore claims. We will ensure the right party is pursued and also deal with the cross jurisdictional nature of these disputes.

We have answered some of our clients most frequently asked questions below, however if you would like advice on whether you can make a claim for a dog bite or attack, get in touch with Jackson Boyd today. We offer a free consultation service and operate on a no-win, no-fee basis.

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