Road Traffic Offence Lawyer

If you have been accused of or charged with a road traffic offence, it is imperative to seek legal advice as soon as possible from a road traffic offence lawyer. Jackson Boyd can help you. There exists a wide range of road traffic offences, and these can vary from lesser speeding offences to the more serious drink driving offences, and causing death whilst driving. It is important to have robust and professional legal representation if you are accused of a road traffic offence. The penalties for these offences do vary, and again, can range from fines to custodial sentences. To minimise the stress you experience at this difficult time and to give you extra peace of mind, we offer a free initial consultation and can discuss the various options available to you in terms of funding any defence to the charges against you.

Road Traffic Offence Lawyer

At Jackson Boyd, we have expertise in a wide range of criminal motoring offences and would be happy to help you. On a regular basis we deal with clients who find themselves charged in relation to the following offences:-

1. Dangerous driving.

2. Driving under the influence of drink or drugs,

3. Driving uninsured,

4. Driving while using a mobile phone,

5. Driving without due care and attention (careless driving),

6. Failure to stop after an accident or report it,

7. Speeding and other traffic offences

If you find yourself charged with a motoring offence and are seeking representation together with reassurance and guidance throughout the process then please get in touch.

How can Jackson Boyd help you with motoring offences? 

We are aware that being accused of an offence can be a worrying time and we pride ourselves on being able to deal with your case quickly to minimise the disruption this charge will have to your day to day life.

For many of our clients, being accused of or charged with a road traffic offence will be the first time they have had any dealings either with the police or with the court system. From the beginning of our instruction we will clearly set out what we need from you to progress your defence but more importantly, we will be happy to listen to you and provide support during the lifecycle of your case.

In the modern world, it is surprising how many motorists still do not know their rights and simply accept the charge or penalty notice without first seeking advice on the matter. Here at Jackson Boyd we appear in courts throughout Scotland and can, therefore, offer both focussed up to the minute legal advice on the charge along with practical advice on your situation. From pleading not guilty to mitigating your sentence, you can be assured that your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Our specialist team will be happy to guide you through the process from beginning to end and here at Jackson Boyd, you will always be guaranteed to speak to someone who can offer advice based on the experience of your particular case.

We’ll help you get your life back on track

Jackson Boyd is able to represent you throughout any proceedings that arise as a result of an alleged road traffic offence, and this may include having to go to court and even trial.

We realise that whether or not such an allegation is proven, being accused of a road traffic offence can be a stressful and difficult time in your life.

Jackson Boyd is keen to help you, and we want you to know that if you go ahead and instruct us to represent you, we will always act in your best interests, and have a track record of obtaining excellent results for our clients.

Get the help you need – Contact Jackson Boyd

In order to discuss your situation, please contact the team at Jackson Boyd today. We very much look forward to helping you with your case. To talk to a person who can help, now, call us on 0333 222 1855 or contact us by e-mail.

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