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Being owed money by clients can cause many issues for businesses. Jackson Boyd recognises and fully understands these issues, and we are here to help you with debt recovery and the disputes surrounding it. If you are a business owner or sole trader, your cash flow and income is vital to sustain your business activities and to continue trading. Often, if you have completed work for a client, and they have failed to pay, this can make things very difficult for you indeed. Jackson Boyd specialises in helping people like you with debt recovery. We can use the law to assist you in obtaining money that is owed to you, and to ensure that this is done efficiently and as quickly as possible.

How can Jackson Boyd help you with debt recovery?

Jackson Boyd specialises in debt recovery and the disputes that can often arise from it. With our first class legal expertise, and client care that is second to none, you are always assured of an excellent experience. When dealing with debt recovery, Jackson Boyd will always act firmly and fairly, ensuring that your interests are represented, but that the often difficult issues surrounding money are handled properly and ethically. We take pride in doing the right thing.

Because we deal with debt recovery on such a regular basis, we know how challenging it can be. There are a number of options that the law provides in order to recover monies owed to you by a client or otherwise. Exactly which of these will be appropriate completely depends on the specifics of your case. It may be that all other options have been exhausted, and that only court action will suffice. However, very often, it is possible, with a little careful handling and legal skill, to resolve debt recovery disputes more quickly and efficiently, by talking to those involved and coming to an amicable agreement.

"Thanks very much for your help and advice throughout this case in an area that I was not clued up about. I really appreciate it."

Mrs A. Reekie

When you contact us here at Jackson Boyd, we will take detailed information about exactly what has happened, why the dispute has arisen, and this will enable us to give you sound and relevant legal advice as to exactly what your options are. It is very important, if you are owed money by a person or a company, to take decisive and robust action as soon as it becomes obvious that they are unwilling or unable to pay. Very often, the sooner you take action, the sooner the issues can be resolved.

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Jackson Boyd is here to help you. Our specialist team, who deal with debt recovery all the time, are ready to help you, using the law, as well as our excellent dispute resolution skills, to obtain the result that is right for you. We will always try to resolve matters in a quick and efficient way, but sometimes court is necessary in order to resolve things properly. Please contact us today on 0333 222 1855 or contact us by email. We look forward to assisting you.

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