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Accident at Work Claims

No one expects to go to work and be injured.  Accidents can and do happen.  If you have had an accident at work Jackson Boyd is here to help you.

We spend a lot of time in our place of work, whether it is an office, building site, factory or warehouse, or working in a public place.  As a result there are strict laws in place to protect us from harm in the workplace.

Not only are we legal experts in the field of personal injury, but we also have a solid understanding of the challenges that you may be facing as a result of your accident as we help people in situations such as yours every day.

To minimise the stress you experience at this difficult time and to give you extra peace of mind, we offer a free initial consultation and operate on a no-win, no-fee basis. For more information on funding your personal injury claim please click here. If you have suffered an accident at work you will generally have only three years to make a claim, so it is important to act quickly. To talk to a person who can help, now, call us on 0333 222 1855 or e-mail.

We understand what you are going through

Here at Jackson Boyd, our lawyers fully understand the ways in which your accident at work may have led you to lose out financially. We have experience in making claims for all types of injuries arising out of accidents at work, across all sectors.

Jackson Boyd has an in-depth understanding of the types of compensation (known as ‘heads of claim’) that you could be entitled to, and the evidence that is required to support your claim. You may have been left with a physical disability, rendering you unable to continue your chosen career, or perhaps a less serious injury meaning you have to take time off work. We will ensure that your claim takes into account not only loss of earnings, but also any loss of future earnings you may suffer as a result of a long-term or even permanent injury. We know that making a claim may seem daunting, but we also know how important a financial award can be in helping our clients recover. Jackson Boyd wants to help you claim the compensation you deserve, and will use all of our experience and expertise to help you move on from an accident at work.

We’ll help you get your life back on track

We regularly deal with cases of all types relating to accidents and personal injuries, and accidents at work are no exception. When you contact us here at Jackson Boyd, we want to get a full and comprehensive understanding of your circumstances and exactly what has happened to you.

It is always essential for our lawyers to establish, in detail, who is liable for the accident at work,  and the circumstances which led to the accident. Even where your accident was not directly caused by your employer, they may be held liable under the law. If your accident occurred as a result of unsafe working conditions, inadequate training,inadequate safety wear, a slip, trip or fall hazard, or any other preventable reason, your employer may be held responsible. This is known as ’employer’s liability’.

"The company is professional and its employees are genuine people who do care about what has happened to you as a result of your injury. They take the time to correspond with you personally and at the highest level, via e-mail or phone, to guide you through the claim process."

Dr. Greg H. A. Farquhar-Smith

As leading personal injury solicitors, Jackson Boyd will always steadfastly represent your interests, ensure that your case can be proven and that everything is in place in order to maximise the chances of your case succeeding through the legal process, and securing maximum compensation for your injury. When it comes to an accident at work,  we will work to gather evidence from a variety of sources. This may include; copies of your workplace accident book, witness statements from colleagues, photographs of the site of your accident, your workplace health & safety reports and any other sources that we believe would be beneficial in supporting your claim.

In most cases, accident at work personal injury claims can be settled without the need to go to court. This is most common where a defender  admits liability for the accident that has occurred and its resulting consequences. If this happens, your personal injury claim is almost certain to take far less time to settle, meaning any compensation that is agreed will be paid to you more quickly.

However, some cases do proceed to court, and so it is vital to be prepared and have expert legal advice and representation to ensure success. Regardless of how your case progresses, we are confident we can obtain the best financial outcome for your circumstances.

Jackson Boyd – More Than Just Compensation

Making a personal injury claim is not always straightforward, and Jackson Boyd is dedicated to taking the burden of any claim away from you, so you can focus on your recovery and get on with your life.

Personal injury claims can be time-consuming, with a variety of legal issues often arising along the way. Jackson Boyd’s lawyers knowledge and expertise allow us  to skilfully and efficiently deal with your case from beginning to end, ensuring we obtain the best possible result for you.

When you talk to one of our accident at work personal injury specialists, they will discuss with you in great detail what has happened, to build a full picture of the likely outcome of your case, and exactly how the team here at Jackson Boyd will be able to help you.

Jackson Boyd prides itself on its legal knowledge, attention to detail and first class client care.

When you instruct us in relation to your accident at work personal injury claim, you are assured of a personal service, as well as the very best legal expertise.

We are here to help you.

Contact Jackson Boyd’s Lawyers in Glasgow and Edinburgh

To discuss your accident  at work claim with us, you can contact Jackson Boyd today. You are always guaranteed to speak to someone with knowledge and understanding of what you are going through, and someone with experience of dealing with cases just like yours.

We will guide you through the personal injury claims process from beginning to end, helping to ensure that it is as stress-free a process as possible, meaning that you can focus on your recovery, and Jackson Boyd can focus on dealing with the legal process relating to your case.

For a free consultation, please contact us today via our online enquiry form or call 0333 222 1855. We look forward to helping you get more than just compensation.

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