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Proposed Changes to Tenement Maintenance Legislation

On 20th December 2019 the Scottish Government set out their proposals to change the legislation in respect of tenement maintenance, however the changes are unlikely to take place for another 5 years.

The reasons for these changes is to improve the condition of  tenements to ensure that they are good quality, affordable, safe and sustainable homes for the future. However they want to ensure that the burden of increased costs do not fall on those least able to pay so one of the changes being considered is the creation of  a national reserve fund for repair. The Housing Minister Kevin Stewart has confirmed the that ‘homeowners and landlords in tenements need to fully accept their shared responsibilities for the upkeep of their property to ensure all those living in tenements have good quality homes’  accordingly there are also proposals for building inspections every five years and making it compulsory for owners’ associations to be created.

Craig McCann

Craig McCann

Dispute Resolution Team

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