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Van McKellar

Walk this Way?

In any property dispute, our starting point is the parties’ title deeds. Why? Because that should establish exactly the parties’ properties – exactly the extent of the land owned by each. The titles in turn … Read more

Laura Macdonald

Treatment of Termination Payments

Termination payments are made, usually under a settlement agreement, by an employer to a departing employee. The tax position on termination payments depends on various factors such as the background circumstances to the termination of … Read more

Laura Macdonald

Uber-EU Decision

In a landmark judgment, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that Uber provides “a service in the field of transport”, rather than a simple “information society service” (or app as the company contended). … Read more

Laura Macdonald

2018 Employment Law changes

As we enter 2018 the Employment Team at Jackson Boyd are keeping a close eye on the changes to be implemented in the coming year. The scheduled changes affect both employers and employees and some … Read more

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