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Blue ‘Skye’ ahead for tourism workers?

It has recently been reported that hospitality workers on the idyllic Isle of Skye have complained of poor working conditions including substandard accommodation, being underpaid and denied annual leave.

Skye, which has seem a tourism boom over the last few years is a popular tourist destination and this recent boom has resulted in a rapid expansion in the hotel and B&B population on the island.

The Citizens Advice Bureau for Skye and Lochalsh, along with Trade Unions, report that they have been consulted by hundreds of workers being overworked, poorly paid, not given contracts of employment and provided with poor food and living conditions.

Local hoteliers refute the suggestion that there are problems in this area but it is the case that many hotels and restaurants hire seasonal staff to cover periods of high demand, and these workers are often on short-term, or zero hours contracts. It is also the case that a high proportion of these workers are foreign workers, such as Latvian and Polish, and many employers may consider that these workers would be willing to work longer hours and for less money than native workers.

The hoteliers do, however, concede, that the nature of hospitality work means that irregular and long hours are simply part of the job.

If you are an employer who employs seasonal workers or are a hospitality or seasonal worker, and you are concerned that any of the above issues are impacting you please contact us online by clicking here or speak to a member of our specialist team on 0330 037 4384.

Alan McCormack

Alan McCormack

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