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Breaking Bald – KSL Hair Ltd and The Hazards of Hair Transplants

As Jackson Boyd has discussed, the number of cosmetic and beauty procedures continue to rise. In particular, high profiles of men like Wayne Rooney openly talking about his hair transplant treatment has increased the number of men following in his footsteps.

As the cosmetic industry grows, so do the number of cases we receive dealing with cowboy cosmetic surgeons.

However, more available services does not mean more high-quality or professional services, as the recent investigation into KSL Hair Ltd on Vincent Street, Glasgow demonstrates. KSL Hair Ltd went into liquidation early this year, after many consumers complained they had been conned by KSL, which used local football stars Leigh Griffiths and Anthony Stokes as celebrity endorsements. The treatments were allegedly being performed by non-qualified staff members such as receptionists and secretaries. The results of this range from skin irritation to their scalps to patchy and ineffective results to nerve damage in their heads. A Facebook group has been set up for men wanting to share their experiences and warn potential consumers.

In cases such as these, consumers would have a professional negligence case when:

  1. A duty of care exists between one party (the professional) and another (the consumer)
  2. There is a negligent act (meaning an act deemed unreasonable by reasonable people in that same situation); and
  3. There has been a loss as a result.

If a contract exists, even a verbal one, and the hair transplant has been carried out below the reasonable standard expected of that professional by his peers of the same profession, which has caused harm such as scarring or nerve damage or reparation work, then a troubled consumer may have a claim.

For all cosmetic treatments, we advise consumers pay for all procedures with their credit cards, as this guarantees consumers a route to claim against their credit card company if the relevant business goes into liquidation, such as with KSL Hair Ltd.

If you have been received treatment from the St Vincent Branch of KSL Hair Ltd, please contact our staff on 0333 222 1855 or contact us by e-mail to discuss how we can work for you.

Jennifer Rowlinson

Jennifer Rowlinson

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