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Crash Bang Wallop: What a Video. The rise of the Dash Cam!

As the number of vehicles on our roads rises year on year, more and more people are turning to ‘Dash Cam’ technology to assist them should they be unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident. As the name suggests, a Dash Cam is a dashboard mounted camera that records continuously as you are driving.

You may or may not have a Dash Cam fitted in your vehicle, but it is likely that you have encountered some of the funny, frightening and often bewildering footage of the many accidents that occur on our roads, be it on television shows, YouTube or the increasingly popular pages on the internet and social media dedicated to the best and worst clips.

Whilst the internet celebrates weird and wonderful Dash Cam footage, it does raise the serious issue of whether having a Dash Cam can assist when driving on our increasingly congested roads.

There are a number of benefits to installing a Dash Cam in your vehicle. Studies have suggested that having a Dash Cam fitted makes drivers aware that their driving is being monitored and as such they are subconsciously likely to take less risks and drive more safely. It also has the same effect on younger drivers who fear that mums and dads may review the footage, meaning they are less likely to engage in risky driving behaviour. The resulting increase in safer driving means that many insurance companies offer a discount on premiums if you have a Dash Cam fitted in your vehicle.

Although you may always be an extremely cautious driver you cannot always control events outside of your vehicle and it is likely that over the course of your driving career you may be involved in an accident, be it a minor bump or a more serious collision.

In the event that you find yourself in the middle of a liability dispute following an accident, Dash Cam footage can be invaluable in proving exactly what happened and who was at fault for the accident. This can swiftly resolve claims and avoid long running disputes that can often end up in court.

Dash Cam systems can also protect users against becoming victims of fraudulent claims. Should you find yourself targeted by unscrupulous ‘crash for cash’ fraudsters, footage of the incident can be key to not only clearing the innocent party of any blame but can also be essential evidence for police, regulators and other law enforcement agencies in finding fraudsters and bringing them to justice.

So it seems that the popularity of the Dash Cam is not unfounded. The benefits are clear and there is even a chance of catching that ‘you’ve been framed’ moment on film!

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Ainsley McCabe

Ainsley McCabe

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“Those unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident often find themselves dealing with challenging circumstances in the aftermath. I enjoy assisting clients through what can be a difficult time in their lives, helping them to resolve their issues and look positively to the future.”

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