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Death by Chocolate: Nutella Riots in France

Please remain calm, but Nutella riots have broken out in France.

Hundreds of French citizens were driven to desperation by a grocery chain’s sudden 70 percent price drop for a jar of Nutella. The sweet spread, a blend of chocolate and hazelnut, set off bitter feelings after Intermarché slashed the price for a jar of Nutella from 4.50 euros to 1.41 euros.

The result of the sale, says the regional daily Le Progres in the Loire regoin: “riot scenes everywhere.” Stories of “Nutella riots” began to spread; videos showed crowds of people shoving and yelling in supermarkets, trying to reach the jars.

In at least three cases, police were called after customers came to blows in the frenzy for Nutella, according to Le Parisien. The newspaper adds that Intermarché expressed surprise at the chaos, and regret over the effects on its customers.

Further, a member of staff at one Intermarché shop in central France told Le Progrès: “We were trying to get in between the customers but they were pushing us.” All of its stock was snapped up within 15 minutes and one customer was given a black eye, the report adds.

British people should also be delighted. Just this once, a shopping shame story isn’t about the UK and Black Friday, that delightful time in the national calendar when, for some people, it suddenly seems perfectly reasonable to roll about on the floor of a department store in a fight to the death for the last half-price plasma TV.

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