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Ditch The Usual New Year’s Resolutions: 3 Things You Can Do as an Employer In The New Year

Do Your Staff Handbook Policies Need A Refresh?

The New Year is the perfect opportunity for employers to review their existing policies and consider whether these need an update. Handbook policies are often years out of date and no longer reflective of the working practices within the business. Many employers find themselves with inadequate policies to operate their business effectively, leaving them exposed to complaints from employees or unable to take action that they may otherwise be able to. There have been a number of changes to employment law brought in through recent legislation, and more are set to be introduced from April 2023.  Policies relating to Covid-19 and lockdowns should also be properly reflected in policies. Employers should consider updating their own policies to ensure they are fully compliant with current employment law and as effective as they can be.

Get Cracking On That Restructure That You Have Been Planning.

In 2022, we have seen companies recovering from almost two years in a state of flux and uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Businesses across the UK have transformed how their staff work and how they operate overall.  Many have been forced to restructure their business due to difficulties they have faced, whilst thousands of others have seen it as an opportunity to improve efficiency, flexibility and conditions for their workforce.

As we continue to recover from the Pandemic, employers should consider implementing changes which may see these improvements, and seek advice in relation to this and altering any policies or terms and conditions of employment for their employees.  As an employer, you should ensure you understand your obligations to employees when seeking to carry out a restructure and how you can carry out consultations in the most effective way for you and your workforce.

Make Sure You Are Best Placed To Handle Your Employment and HR Matters in 2023.

No legal article would be complete without a shameless plug! Throughout 2022, we have seen employers fall foul and left to deal with unfortunate disputes, taking up significant time and expense, simply due to a lack of proper legal advice and support from the outset. In fact, one of the most common phrases we hear upon conclusion of a case is, ‘I have learned a lot!’

We have recognised the need for employers to have access to unlimited advice from specialist employment solicitors from the very beginning, not just after a dispute has already arisen. Our Employment Plus package will provide your business with this unlimited advice for a fixed annual fee, taking the stress out of dealing with employee issues, avoiding the worry of increasing legal bills, and allowing you to focus on growing your business.  Call us today for your no-obligation quote, and get this support in place for 2023.

From all of us within the Employment Team at Jackson Boyd, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Gwenan White

Gwenan White

Employment Law Team

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