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Injury Prevention Week 2020

This week (17th to 21st August) is Injury Prevention Week 2020. Injury prevention week is organised by The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL), a not-for-profit that represents injured people.  The week, which has expanded from a day, aims to raise public awareness about the prevention of accidents and injuries. The focus of this year’s Injury Prevention Week is promoting road safety for pedestrians, with a particular focus on children who are returning to school.

APIL are encouraging parents to support the campaign by ensuring their children know the Green Cross Code and posted a short quiz for children to see if they are road aware (which can be found here.

Recent YouGov research, commissioned by APIL commissioned  by for Injury Prevention week revealed:

  • A high number of pedestrians (44%), who don’t drive, did not know that white lights on the rear of a parked car indicate that the vehicle is about to reverse.
  • Almost two thirds of parents don’t believe that their children understand the dangers of the roads or concentrate properly when near or crossing the road.

We have rounded up some helpful reminders and tips to help you stay safe as a pedestrian:

  • Stay alert. 72% of drivers say that they often see pedestrians step onto the road while distracted by their phones.  Headphones can also be a big distraction as they reduce your awareness of any incoming hazards around you.
  • Wear reflective clothing when walking in the dark to increase your visibility to road users.
  • Avoid walking on roads, instead use the pavements and paths provided.
  • If there is no pavement or path, walk facing the traffic and as far away from the traffic as possible.
  • Always cross the road at suitable place such as traffic lights or a zebra crossing, making sure you look left, right and left again before crossing the road.
  • Do not cross the road between parked cars.

APIL would like to get as many people involved with Injury Prevention Week as possible, and are asking people to share their own messages and campaigns on social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram) using the hashtag #IPWeek2020.

Ainsley McCabe

Ainsley McCabe

Personal Injury Team

“Those unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident often find themselves dealing with challenging circumstances in the aftermath. I enjoy assisting clients through what can be a difficult time in their lives, helping them to resolve their issues and look positively to the future.”

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