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I recently had the opportunity to attend Gallowhill Primary School’s “World Work Week”. This involved speaking to Primary 4 and 7 classes about life as a lawyer. It’s safe to say that the children were quite taken aback by the fact that I do not spend my days sending people to jail. A boundary dispute was easily explained using the example of a fence in the back garden and a consumer contract dispute with the example of buying a toy in the supermarket only to find out that it didn’t work, wasn’t as you had expected or was broken on purchase.

Everyone had the opportunity to try on a court gown and we then had a mock debate over who owned a particular pen. I took a step to the other side of the bench and was the acting Sheriff. There were prizes handed out to the “winners” which were a little more exciting than an extract decree!

We received very positive feedback from the Head Teacher, Sheila Hood who said that “the pupils were particularly excited by this unique insight into the world of work and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We cannot offer our pupil’s weeks like this without input form professionals such as yourself and for this I am extremely grateful”.

We are thinking about sending our solicitors to Gallowhill Primary School for their next CPD course as we think that they could learn a thing or two!

Alan Cameron

Alan Cameron

Dispute Resolution Team

“My motto is: ‘First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.’”

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