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A Christmas Poem

Each parent, gran and aunty will work the hard, late shifts

So every girl and boy can get their Christmas gifts.

For them it is a pleasure to see faces in delight

When opening up their presents on a cold and wint’ry night.


Every gift received can make a whoop, an aww, a wow!

But occasionally, there is a silent shock – what and who and how?

How do they not know me!? What the heck is this?!

I put up with your mess all year – I’m not on the naughty list!


Breathe deeply and relax, just drink the mulled wine down;

We’ll tell you how to handle this, so smile through that frown.

Remember you have family and friends who love you very dear;

Unfortunately, they just can’t shop (they just have no idea).


Keep the tags upon the items, keep the packaging intact,

Check: is there a gift receipt? For the Consumer Rights Act

Allows you to return it – but you have to use your wit

You can’t return an item if you’ve gone and damaged it.


If you have no receipt, it’s time to crack the smiles,

Charisma is your maker it, politeness will take your miles.

Shop assistants understand and can exchange for something else,

Or exchange the gift for credit – hallelujah, jingle bells!


If the goods you got are faulty, a refund is allowed,

So make your way to Aunty Jane before the shopping crowds .

Ask your loved one for receipts – honestly, don’t wait:

You only have 30 days from the purchase date.


Arriving at the shop, schmooze your way right in;

Make your point to the clerk: “it won’t do what it says on the tin”.

Even in the spring time, if the goods you got go bad,

You have six months for repairs and replacements for the presents that you had.


It’s pretty hard to make a rhyme out of law and gifts;

For more info, read our articles, like this and this and this.


Before you have a tantrum or throw daggers across the table,

Remember that this time of year is about a baby in a stable.

Whether you’re religious or whether you believe in nought,

After Christmas, you can return your gifts and get better than what you got.


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Alan McCormack

Alan McCormack

Employment Law Team

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