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6. Loss of Holiday Enjoyment

Accidents can disrupt our lives at the most unexpected moments, and unfortunately, being injured as a result of an accident can often have unforeseen consequences. In some cases, individuals may find themselves injured before their scheduled holiday, impacting not only their physical well-being but also the enjoyment of their planned getaway. Alternatively, some may even be forced to forgo their holiday entirely due to injuries sustained. In this article, we will explore claims for loss of holiday enjoyment.

Understanding Loss of Holiday Enjoyment:

If you are injured before a holiday, the excitement and joy associated with a trip can be marred by the challenges of coping with injuries. Being injured can also affect planned activities and the overall holiday experience for the injured party. In some cases, individuals might have to abandon their holiday plans altogether, adding further distress. It is crucial to recognise that compensation claims can address not only the financial loss associated with cancelled trips, but also the broader impact on the enjoyment of the holiday.

To pursue a claim for loss of holiday enjoyment due to injuries, establishing a connection between the injury and the planned holiday is essential. This involves demonstrating how the injuries directly affected the individual’s ability to enjoy the holiday or, in some cases, prevented them from going on the trip altogether.

Documenting the Impact:

When seeking compensation for loss of holiday enjoyment, gathering evidence of the loss is crucial. It is important to maintain records of prebooked holidays or trips, pre-planned activities, photographs, and any correspondence with relevant parties. Additionally, keeping a detailed account of how the injuries specifically hindered planned activities and affected the overall enjoyment of the holiday will strengthen your case.

Calculating Compensation:

Compensation for the impact of loss of holiday enjoyment considers various factors. These include the severity of the injuries, the nature of the planned holiday, and the specific losses incurred, such as non-refundable bookings and missed experiences. For example, missing your honeymoon or once in a lifetime trip would clearly have more of an impact than missing a routine weekend away. An experienced solicitor can assist in accurately assessing the full extent of your losses and negotiating fair compensation.


Claims for loss of holiday enjoyment are unique to each particular set of circumstances, as no two situations are the same. If you wish to make a claim for loss of holiday enjoyment, your situation should be assessed to consider what is appropriate for your case.

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