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Fare deal for workers

A landmark ruling concerning Addison Lee’s drivers has been upheld by the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT), deciding that they are workers, and not self-employed contractors as argued by the taxi company.

The repercussions of this decision are that drivers are entitled to certain legal rights including to be paid the minimum wage and holiday pay.

The EAT rejected Addison Lee’s arguments that the drivers were self-employed contractors running their own businesses.

It also confirmed that the “unrealistic terms and conditions” that drivers had to sign up to did not reflect the true nature of their relationship with the company.

This is the latest Judgment to affect workers in the “gig economy”, and follows similar rulings in recent cases including Pimlico Plumbers, Uber and Hermes delivery company, where individuals have been found to be workers and not self-employed.

Addison Lee will have the right to appeal this decision further, to the Court of Appeal.


Alan McCormack

Alan McCormack

Employment Law Team

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