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With Great Companies Comes Great Social Responsibility

When we are young, we are provided with parables of sorts, telling us how to grow and what to do when we grow up.  Admittedly, some of us yearn to be rockstars or mountaineers, high above the world for all to see.

However, it appears more people dream of doing jobs assisting others: nurses, fire-fighters, and yes even lawyers.

Firms in Scotland, such as Jackson Boyd, share similar aspirations.  In such a small and connected country, the effect that Scottish businesses have on their local communities is palpable.  Understanding our roots, our people and the priorities of clients, potential clients and employees is crucial for a firm that is invested in providing legal services.

With this leadership in the Scottish legal sector, there is a responsibility to shape how business is done.  That’s why Jackson Boyd’s CSR is focused on local charities and initiatives affecting people of Scotland.  Our firm continues to grow and provide clients with a 5-star service, and so too does our responsibility to promote causes and initiatives that have a positive impact in the world.

A particular example of this is our upcoming collaboration with The Glass Network, Scotland’s first organisation for LGBT+ legal professionals.  Great strides have been achieved regarding equality laws for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people; however in the socially-catalysed time we live in, we know that there is more underneath the surface.  Surveys suggest hate crime against LGB people has doubled in Scotland over the past four years.   The legal sector is making great effort to have the profession reflect the people it serves, however there are still no openly LGBT+ judges in Scotland, and statistics show that approximately two-thirds of LGBT+ people are not out in their workplaces, negatively affecting career satisfaction and firm productivity.  Success stories grab headlines because they are the exception: work remains to counter lingering homo-,bi- and transphobia in Scotland and in the legal profession.

As an equal opportunities employer, we are support the work of The Glass Network:  Jackson Boyd were the first firm in Scotland to support the #TheseAreOurPrinciples Campaign, and our firm continues to promote LGBT+ inclusion in their workplace as part of our corporate social responsibility plan.  As a law firm that deals with discrimination claims, our expert solicitors regularly advise and assist clients in pursuing Employment Tribunal claims for financial compensation against those who have discriminated against a person who may be lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (as well as other protected characteristics).

Our commitment doesn’t stop there. We follow our firm’s motto of ‘more than just’, and we know that it takes more than just law to advance equality in society. As Jackson Boyd grows, so does our corporate responsibility to lead other Scottish firms and mind-sets to a better standard of social contribution.

Jackson Boyd is more than just a law firm: Jackson Boyd is an active member of Scottish communities.  We are proud to lead causes close to our heart and the hearts of employees and clients.  We are proud to hold the torch to higher standards for our clients and employees.  We visibly share the pride of The Glass Network.

To learn more about our CSR work, we are speaking on how firms in Scotland create CSR agenda at a collaborative event with The Glass Network on Wednesday 7 March, 6.15 at the Citizen M Glasgow.  Please register at the linked Eventbrite page, and we look forward to meeting you!

Ainsley McCabe

Ainsley McCabe

Personal Injury Team

“Those unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident often find themselves dealing with challenging circumstances in the aftermath. I enjoy assisting clients through what can be a difficult time in their lives, helping them to resolve their issues and look positively to the future.”

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