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Proposals to Regulate Beauty Industry

The Scottish Government have put forward proposals to require non-healthcare professionals to require a licence to undertake cosmetic procedures.

Currently procedures such as lip enhancements and dermal fillers are available at local hairdressers and pharmacies. With the demand for such non-surgical beauty treatments increasing, there has been a rise in the number of establishments offering these procedures. Currently there are no regulations for these procedures despite the fact they involve the piercing of the skin. This leads to a growing risk of such procedures not being carried out correctly.

The Scottish Government have advised that they wish to ensure that anyone providing non-surgical procedures is appropriately trained to do so. They also wish to make sure these treatments are carried out from hygienic premises that are fit for purpose.

At the moment the Scottish Government is seeking views on the need for further statutory regulation to ensure the safety of people considering or undergoing these procedures. We will keep you updated in relation to any further developments. To become involved click here for more information.

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