Euan Robertson | Trainee Management Accountant

Scottish Apprenticeship Week

Jackson Boyd have supported 47 apprentices through QA Apprenticeships since 2015. For Scottish Apprenticeship Week we are sharing some of their stories!

Jack Todd

“Shortly after leaving high school, I joined Jackson Boyd via QA, employed as a data processor. This involved managing various amounts of data and ensuring it was accurately and promptly entered into our claims management software. It quickly became apparent that I would be able to contribute more to the firm’s success and was promoted to a Claims Negotiator in February 2016. This allowed me to work one on one with our clients and handle their insurance claims on a personal basis. I received a further promotion in March 2017 which allowed me to deal with raising a court action for our clients. This is a hugely important role within the business which requires a good positive attitude combined with strong attention to detail. I am currently in a team with colleagues who have decades of experience in the field as well as some with a degree in Scottish Law. I have recently been promoted to a Senior Claims Negotiator which is a great honour within such an experienced team and I do not think it would be possible without the guidance and tuition that the people of QA have given me!”

Angela Wilson

“After leaving high school, I felt pressured into going to university as all my friends were doing so. I decided after beginning my course that this was not the route for me and I would rather work and learn on the job. I found QA advertised a lot of jobs that suited my interests, and got in contact with them. Shortly after joining, QA set up an interview with Jackson Boyd LLP and I got the job. I began as a Claims Negotiator in May 2016, I received a promotion six months later and was trained in raising court actions for clients, which required strong attention to detail. While this brought a greater work-load I really enjoyed this side of my job as I was able to work closely with the solicitors in our firm and achieve a better outcome for my clients. This inspired me to apply to return to university to begin my law degree. My manager and team have been really supportive of this decision, and I am now half way through my first year LLB and still working part-time with Jackson Boyd all thanks to QA!”

Gareth McFarlane

“Shortly after leaving Secondary School I realised that further education wasn’t for me and applied to QA Apprenticeships. It wasn’t long thereafter until I was offered an interview with Jackson Boyd where I secured a role as a Claims Negotiator. Since joining the firm, now just over 4 years ago, I have been fortunate enough to work in both the Uninsured Loss Recovery department and Recoveries. I am pleased to say that I am now one of the more experienced Negotiators in the Recoveries team, I can be trusted by my manager to handle any given task as well as assist colleagues with any queries. I feel that I am now a valued employee at Jackson Boyd and I am very appreciative of the opportunities granted to me.”

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