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Working at Jackson Boyd – An insider’s view!

The following article was written without any prompting (honestly!) by one of our solicitors. The author has chosen to remain anonymous to avoid taunts of “Partners’ Pet” from her colleagues.

Why I’m proud to work at Jackson Boyd

I am approaching my 18 month anniversary at Jackson Boyd. I would like to think that means I now fully understand how things work (most of the time anyway!) and I am able to recognise where we may be able to improve but equally acknowledge the plethora of positives about the Firm which make it a great place to work.
I thought I’d share some of those positives with you.

Everyone is nice

Putting aside the fact that I could talk to a brick wall, everyone I have met has been chatty and friendly. This applies to staff at all levels – from clerks to Partners. It is undoubtedly an “open door” culture. Don’t be fooled though, if you aren’t pulling your weight you will know all about it!

Sharing knowledge internally

It is actively encouraged within the Firm to share knowledge – not just amongst individual teams but firm-wide. At least twice a month a member of staff volunteers (in the same way one “volunteers” to leave a United Airline plane!) to provide an in-house seminar on the topic of your choice. It’s amazing how many times I have been able to apply knowledge I have taken from those seminars to “real life” situations. As the law is constantly evolving, this practice is excellent at ensuring everyone at Jackson Boyd is fully apprised of any and all information which will help them serve their clients better.

A significant percentage of staff are women

As a woman myself, it is encouraging to see women being welcomed with open arms into the legal professional. At Jackson Boyd, one of our Partners, Debbie Milne, is also a Solicitor Advocate (and I am personally hoping to attain this qualification in the not too distant future)!

We are good at what we do

As law firms go, Jackson Boyd is still relatively young. In recent years the Firm has gone from strength to strength (I’d like to attribute it all to my contributions over the past 18 months but I don’t think anyone will believe that!). Jackson Boyd has been appointed to the panel of many leading legal expenses insurers and are fully equipped to handle a diverse case load ranging from contract disputes to personal injury actions, both in the Sheriff Court and the Court of Session.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, simply a flavour of what Jackson Boyd is like!

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