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Avoid Having a ‘Mare with your Horse!

If you own a horse or are involved in any of the equestrian disciplines you will be familiar with the emotional rollercoaster that comes with this expensive past time.

When something goes wrong, talking to someone that is familiar with equestrian terminology is half the struggle in finding a solution. Spending hours explaining what the terminology means before getting to the actual problem, may leave you frustrated. If your representative doesn’t know their forelock from their fetlock, you could find yourself explaining the basics before you even describe the issue.

Talking to a firm that has knowledge regarding equestrian matters and understands your position may provide some comfort during any litigation process.

I have worked for Jackson Boyd for over 20 years, facilitating the development of our negotiators and orchestrating seminars for our solicitors.

In my spare time I have competed in local level show jumping, dressage and showing and assist on a part-time basis in the management of a yard which is situated on a large private estate in West Lothian. This experience has broadened my equestrian knowledge over the years together with the BHS Stage Exams. There are around 15 – 20 liveries at any one time competing in different disciplines which has offered a wealth of diverse knowledge over the years. Alongside the liveries, the yard operates as a working farm with arable and livestock, additionally playing host to shoots during the season.

Horse Sales

It is fair to say that even with a clear idea of what you want (as opposed to what you need), the process of buying a horse is incredibly stressful with peaks and troughs of excitement and utter frustration as an exciting prospect falls through and leaves you emotionally exhausted.

Dealers or private sales all have their pros and cons, however what is absolutely essential is that you take sensible precautions during the whole process.

Common pitfalls can occur when sellers are not actually the owners: the horse or pony is perhaps on loan at the time of sale, failed vetting, false height certificates, masked injuries or the horse or pony simply cannot perform as stated. Having bought a 13 year old pony for my 9 year old daughter that turned out to be a 5 year old, there is no judgement in making mistakes.

At Jackson Boyd, our Dispute Resolution Team have experience in dealing with the contractual issues that can arise from the sale or purchase of a horse and can offer assistance in this area.

Falls and Injury

Hacking on the public highway is fraught with hazard given the volume of traffic. Horse riders will often encounter oblivious motorists who overtake at speed or even decide to sound their horn to make you aware of their presence! It appears many motorists are not familiar with the “please slow down hand signal” – right arm outstretched and moving up and down, just to clarify in case you thought I meant some other hand gesture being directed towards motorists!

Social media is full of clips of these incidents highlighting the frequency with which they occur.
If you have been injured as a result of an irresponsible, identified motorist then you may be able to claim compensation. Our Personal Injury Team have significant experience of acting on behalf of horse riders who have suffered serious injuries following a fall from their horse caused by the actions of a motorist and will be only too happy to offer advice on the prospects of recovering compensation.

Even if you have been involved in a car accident or accident at work but you own a horse and are no longer able to meet the horse’s requirements then we can present your very specific losses together with your personal injury claim. If, for example, you are full or part-time DIY and need a relative to turn out, groom, feed, rug, muck out and exercise whilst you recover from your injuries then this assistance can form part of your claim. If you have to pay for services that you otherwise managed yourself then Jackson Boyd can recover these costs on your behalf. These are all losses that can be taken into consideration when intimating your claim on the responsible party.

Towing/Lorry Accidents

An accident whilst towing your horse can be particularly upsetting. The repercussions of this could lead to your horse being seriously or fatally injured. The courts consider horses to be property and whilst your horse may mean the world to you often the claim will be focussed on recovering the value of the horse (at the time of the accident) or any costs incurred by having the injured horse treated by a vet.

The impact of the accident could be such that your horse refuses to travel in your lorry or trailer again. This could mean selling your vehicle to switch transport methods or a long period of retraining to gain the trust of your horse to travel once more. Behavioural experts can assist as you may be transferring your fear onto your horse during training. Have you missed shows, incurred competition fees? Again, all of these costs could form part of your claim for compensation.

We have seen many equestrian cases through our doors over the years which allow us to provide advice on the various issues referred to above.

If you have suffered loss and injury as a result of a horse riding accident or are involved in a dispute relating to your horse then we may be able to assist you. Please contact us online by clicking here or speak to a member of our specialist team on 0333 222 1855.


Jackson Boyd dealt with a motor accident where my passenger and I suffered injury. At the time I had a daughter in pony club and was unable to tow her pony to shows and events. I was unaware we could be compensated for this and received £500 for the inconvenience caused in being unable to attend local events. This was in addition to our personal injury compensation. A very good service that I would certainly recommend to friends and family.

K Love.

Having suffered an injury as a passenger in a motor accident I was unable to take care of my 3 horses at that time. Jackson Boyd understood these constraints and the time involved and managed to secure compensation for me relating to the assistance provided to me by my family in carrying out all the duties that were necessary. Feeding, turning out, mucking out, grooming, and exercising. This was incredibly time consuming for all concerned at a time where I was unable to carry out these duties myself due to my injuries. I received compensation for this assistance in addition to the compensation for my injury.

A great service, very helpful and understanding at a stressful time.

L Tait.

Jayne Homan

Jayne Homan

Business Management Team

“My hobby is equestrian sports. This has allowed me to provide advice on not only equestrian accidents but also agricultural cases.”

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