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My week with Jackson Boyd – Aidan Farrelly, 3rd Year Law Student

As a law student entering my final year of studies and soon to be entering an unfamiliar world in the legal profession (or at least I hope), my week long work experience with Jackson Boyd has provided me with an invaluable insight into the workings of a law firm.

My time here at Jackson Boyd has provided me with imperative experience in working within a large organisation which has assisted greatly in developing my communication skills in terms of dealing with colleagues on a professional level. This opportunity to work alongside professionals across all departments has given me key insight into the legal profession.

My duties comprised of personal injury claim valuations and research, drafting court actions as well as shadowing trainees and solicitors in court equipping me with a better understanding of court proceedings. I found this to be a rewarding experience as these are skills which I had not yet acquired nor explored in my time at University.

Following my time in the employment department where I looked at claim process, I am now more informed of the Employment Tribunal process as well as Tribunal conduct and formalities. By looking at case perspectives, I am now aware of the business implications for a law firm when handling a case. I also helped draft an article for the firm’s blog which offers legal assistance to the general public.

At first, I was surprised at the responsibility and demanding nature of the tasks I was given to perform but quickly learned to ask questions as everyone was noticeably approachable. My colleagues for the week were more than willing to go into in depth discussions relating to any queries or concerns I had. This provided me with a greater picture of law in practice which I found to differ greatly from what I have learned through study.

During this short week, it became clear to me that Jackson Boyd provides a first class legal service placing their clients at the forefront of everything they do. Dealing with people in highly stressful situations seems a daunting task to most (including myself), however the sole aim of achieving optimum outcome for clients is harnessed within the culture at Jackson Boyd, making these situations resolve themselves.

Ultimately, I have found this experience to be of fundamental importance in preparing me for life within a law firm.

Aidan Farrelly.

Jackson Boyd CSR

Jackson Boyd CSR

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